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Mona-Tech has provided expertise and solutions in categories below.


Repair of any machinery operated within a hospital or facility that offer services such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Eg. Sterilization, life support, cardiology, treadmill


Superb air quality and thermal comfort at your finger-tips.

Engineering Management

We have/possess highly trained personnel who use their creative minds to create solutions that best suits you.

Consulting Services

We are committed to assisting you with managing your business/establishment as cost effective as possible.


We bring you an awesomeness of creative skills, thoughts, and ideas

Dr. Paul Aiken.

Managing Director

Dr. Paul Aiken is a dexterous and affable individual who leads by example. His leadership skills and philanthropic attitude is the sprit that keeps the team running efficiently.

Mr. Eglon Stewart

Engineering Manager

Mr. Eglon Stewart is experienced,competent and a well- balanced individual. As a result of these attributes he is fully equipped to lead a well-rounded team of engineers. 

Ms. Sonya Dennis

Administrative Services Officer

Ms. Sonya Dennis is a diligent and innovative individual who takes her work very seriously. These are only some of the positive attributes that makes her an avid worker. 

Ms. Monique Thomas

Legal officer

Ms. Thomas possesses an exuberant high-sprited personality and is very passionate about her work. Ms Thomas brings a vast amount of legal experience to the company.

Mr. Fazil Bacchus

Bio-Medical Engineer/Supervisor

Mr. Fazil Bacchus is an adept and equanimous individual. His demeanor enables him to be a quick thinker. Though he is quiet and calm, he is very perceptive and an exemplary leader. 

Mr. Gary White

HVAC Supervisor

Mr. White is an assiduous and authentic individual with extensive knowledge of heating, ventilation and air conditioning and has been involved in the industry for nearly thirty (30) years.

Mr. Eric Hall

Engineering Supervisor-AC Services Park

Eric Hall is a fervid, interactive and social individual. His creative ideas depicts the passion for what he does and enables him to be a conscientious and diligent worker.

Ms. Terry- Ann Hunter

Finance and Administrative Officer

Ms. Hunter is a meticulous and detail oriented individual when she carries out her work. She brings with her several years of accounting experience that is beneficial to the company.

Mr. Joseph Brooks


Mr. Brooks is a deft and persistent individual. He will not stop until the job is done. This determination and zeal combined is what makes him such a versatile technician.

Mr. Kemar Henry

Operations and Maintenance Engineer

Mr. Henry is an amiable yet reserved individual.  His composed demeanor enables him to be a quick thinker and a conscientious worker.

Ms. Shaniecia Scott

Administrative Secretary

Ms. Scott is a pleasant individual who always sports a smile. She is very patient and always looks for creative ways to assist customers.

Mr. Dontae Rodney


Mr. Dontae Rodney is an adroit and efficient individual. His witty personality and productiveness makes this hard- working engineer a pleasure to be around.

Mr. Obrien Lewis

HVAC Technician

Mr. Lewis is an amiable and hardworking individual with a keen eye for detail. This allows him to perform well above average in his HVAC tasks.

Mr. Linroy Martin

HVAC Technician

Mr. Martin is an amiable and personable worker. His passion and training in HVAC systems has been the driving force behind his work. 

Mr. Dimmetrie Mendez

HVAC Technician

Mr. Mendez is a hard working individual with several years of experience as a HVAC technician. His passion for the trade is evident in his every job related activity.


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